Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aruba: One Happy Island

I went to Aruba this month with my one and only sister. Today is her 25th birthday so I thought it'd only be fitting to write a post about our first trip together. We spent 4 days in lovely Aruba; known for it's Divi Trees, never-ending white sandy beaches and the people are geniunely nice. It's quite fitting that Aruba is otherwise known as "One Happy Island."

On to the photos:

It's been confirmed, we are sisters yet we don't look alike.

Aruba is seriously windy nonstop. When we first got there, it wasn't so bad. See my sister's expression?
And the after..
Anyway, moving on.. We stayed at the Westin.
Nice pools but we were drawn to the beach. As my gift to my sister, I treated her to the spa. No photos but we had our massages outside in a cabana. Massage was only okay by my standards, but the ambiance made up for it.

At sunset..

We didn't hang around the beach the whole time we were there. We did some sightseeing on a Jeep Tour.

Visited the Ostrich Farm

I sat on one..
Held an unfertilized Ostrich egg..
We also stopped by the Butterfly Museum.
Do you ever see those butterfly displays that are quite expensive? Well, you should only buy the displays that have butteflies that are partially broken and not exactly perfect; because the perfect ones are the butterflies that were killed for the sake of profit! I'm not sure if this is entirely true but I've always been wary about buying these type of displays even though it is very pretty.
I ate a ton of fish and seafood but my best meal was at a small, casual spot called, Jamaican Me Krazy. The fresh made Fruit Punch & Jerk Chicken was amazing and afforable too! My sister enjoyed her Jerk Pork very much as well.
Breakast on the boardwalk.
Almost every meal we had was eaten outdoors.
Aruban beer: Balashi
Oh, and we witnessed 3 weddings during our stay. I've read about destination weddings but to see it in person really makes me think how great it is. I'm already convincing my sister to have a destination wedding when it's her turn to get married.

Happy 25th Sis... see you tonight!

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Anonymous said...

You've moved! (from xanga) .. me too. :)

Aruba looks fun! The last time you left a comment on my xanga blog about how we seemed to be visiting the same places. Don't think Aruba's happening to me anytime soon. I'm envious.