Monday, December 22, 2008

A Musical & Fine Dining

Our Anniversary was spent dining at Jean Georges Perry St. followed by one of the hottest Broadway shows, In the Heights. The food was yummy and the show was spectacular! We really enjoyed it. Even though we live in NYC, we don't venture out much to all those things that all the tourist flock to NY to do. Yet when we travel, we do everything a tourist would and more! I guess we really do take it for granted; that everything is within reach so we often push it off. We really shouldn't think that way. We miss out on so much this great city has to offer. I hope we can indulge a bit more in the New Year and enjoy all the shows, art galleries and museums.

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Marty said...

WaiSze I feel exactly the same way. My brother spends all his free time exploring the city when he visits from Florida, and instead I stay at home. I truly need to force myself to get out more!