Friday, May 23, 2008

His & Her - Hobbies

We all know what I do for my hobby. Now, husband has a hobby too! He recently purchased a spankin' new mountain bike. I think it's so cute how in love he is with his new sport. I just hope that this isn't another one of his toys that he plays with for a while and then forgets in a few weeks. We can only hope!

Do you ever notice the many different types of clubs you end up joining without actually joining? Owning a dog automatically put us in the dog club. People find it so easy to approach us with Sam and we find it much easier to start a conversation with other dog owners. Upon meeting so many different crafters lately, I feel like I entered the craft/business oriented club. Of course, now that we're married, we're also in the Marriage club. Mike already feels like he's in the bike club and is already planning his next adventure with his biking buddies. It's really interesting how easily we can fit in based on our interests and status.

So my thought for the day: if you want to make new friends; find a new hobby, change your status, adopt a dog and you're automatically in.

I'm always trying to sneak in a photo with Sam in it. Hehe.

1 comment:

monamigreetings said...

Wife = card maker
Husband = mountain biker

Oh my gosh, we're leading parallel lives! :)