Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Dinner

My wonderful pots have been de-virginized. (if that is a proper word) Thank you for the suggestions; I finally decided on Pot Roast; perfect for a Sunday night dinner.

10 minutes of prep work; 3.5 hours of braising on slow heat and a bit of praying..and the outcome?

Absolutely fantastic! As Tyler Florence's recipe suggested, I went back to the stove every 1/2 hour to baste. I was really hoping that this would be good, and it definitely surpassed my expectations! Most of the main ingredients were bought at Whole Foods. It's more expensive, but we feel it's important to eat organic so we try to do it as often as we can. I also threw in some potatoes to round out the dish & I used rosemary that I've been growing from an herb pot I keep at the back.

This is what Mike came home to after a session of biking with Stan. Stan decided to stop for dinner too and this pot yielded generous portions so there was more than enough to pass around.

Next Sunday, we're having a few boys over and I think I'll be making another pot recipe. Hmm, what to make?

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KimmChi said...

This post made me hungry! Looks like a recipe I might have to try out