Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pucker Up!

You Stink Soap - I just love the name! Haha. I also happen to love anything lavender - soap, lotion, salt etc..
It's not easy finding a good lip balm even though it seems like all lip balm makers uses the same few ingredients. I absolutely love Nordea's lip balms. It glides on smoothly and tastes er... feels great on my lips.

Another great name - bunnybuttapothecary! It certainly makes Wai Sze Designs sound boring! I also dig the label packaging too and there is a great variety to choose from as well.

MoonMaidenSoap - Love the name, love the packaging and it comes in a box! Great stock stuffer indeed.

I'm so obsessed, I almost want to make my own lip balm... but I won't... I'll leave it to these bath and body professionals and the million or so that sell on Etsy. It's amazing how many people are making natural lip balms free from artificial chemicals. It's a fabulous thing. Good bye commercial chapstick forever!

I also love the Buy 3, get 1 Free deals or Buy a certain amount and get a price break deal. For someone like me who can't leave the house without her lip balm, this is an extra incentive and greatly appreciated.

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