Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cafe Au Lait

Like any woman, I love to shop. Unlike most women though, I don't just enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes or handbags. I shop for much more than that. Amongst the things I love include home goods, gourmet foods, most things at the Container Store, and scrapbook supplies. I recently found a new and inspiring website entitled, Capture the Moment which showcases stamps and ideas from a line that's new to me, called PaperTrey Ink. It's a simple website filled with a plethora of acetate stamps that are very easy to use. The best part is that PaperTrey Ink has an Angel Policy which means I can use their stamps to make cards and sell in my shop. Making sure that a rubber stamp company has the Angel Policy is so important - wouldn't want to get sued over a $4 card I just sold, ya know? Anyway, I've been eying the following stamps sets created by designer Heather Nichols. You rock Heather, love these stamps!
I'm so inspired by these cards!

If you haven't guessed it by now, yes, I'm a coffee addict. A coffee a day keeps the doctor away, right? Love tea & cocoa too of course!

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