Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tacos + Tortilla Chips

Authentic tacos are so yummy! I decided to give it a try last week.

The spread: Corn Tortillas + Grilled Chicken + Cilantro + Raw onions + Lime + Homemade Sofrito + Store Bought Salsa Verde + Homemade Spanish Rice (simple recipe of Sofrito, olive oil, tumeric for color and rice)
We ended up with a lot of leftover corn tortillas (like 95 tortillas!) So I made tortilla chips. I also squirted some lime on the chips for an extra zest. In less than 15 minutes, we snacked on a bowl of healthy and hearty chips! The husband approved!

I served it with store bought salsa & guacomole. We tried a new brand of salsa and we both didn't like it. In fact, I've never bought a jar of salsa that I liked. I much prefer to make my own. The guacomole was really good though!


Nancy said...

Looks so delicious. Nice blog you have here.

waisze said...

@ Nancy - Thanks!