Monday, February 18, 2008

Custom Order - My wedding tins

A client of mine purchased the rest of my wedding favors (yep, the tins I used for my own wedding.) I almost didn't want to part with my favors. Even though my tins were already made, I still needed to work on it. It wasn't all in the best condition because when I made my tins for my wedding, it was the first time I made it. I didn't have the formula set in stone yet so there were a few rounds of trial and error. Now that I have it pretty much down, I wanted to make sure it was perfect for my client, so I actually had to re-do most of the tins. Some weren't cut right the first time around; it wasn't glued on well enough or there wasn't enough paint on certain areas. It was another labor intensive project but luckily there were only 30 to tackle this time. I am very happy with how it turned out. I really love making these favors. It's so much fun especially when I know what I'm doing now, lol. The bad news though, is that I'm running low of altoid tins. I must get more soon because I have a good feeling that I'll have another order soon.

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