Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sam loves Snow

It snowed in NYC yesterday. The snow is so pretty when it falls, that is until it's ruined by cars and people. Sam loves romping in the snow. Her full thick fur keeps her very warm. If she had a choice, she'd even sleep in it.

Awe a smidgen of snow fell on her nose, too cute. She's not sure how to react to this. Snow on ground, okay, snow on nose, not so much.

I seriously love my dog. I feel so grateful everyday to have her in my life. She follows me around everywhere. She is loyal and she is so darn cute. Oh, I love my husband too of course, but seriously I am in love with dog!

If you're a dog owner, you know how difficult it is to capture a photo with your pet. See my examples. None came out too well, Sam wasn't in the mood to pose with me yesterday. Hrmph!


Anita said...

Thank you so much Waisze!

Your dog really is lovin' that snow :)

PolkaDotsAndPaisley said...

What an adorable dog! We never get snow here in GA but when we went on vacation our little dog LOVED the snow!!


Ps: linking your blog to ours