Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Handmade Wedding Series on Etsy!

Have you heard about Etsy? When I first opened up shop on Etsy, no one really knew about it or what it was about. Now, you can hear about Etsy not only on Indie magazines but even on Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray. How awesome is that? Most people shop at Etsy for gifts, for themselves and mostly for fun; but did you know that you can even shop for all your wedding stuff on Etsy as well?
The lastest news on the Storque(Etsy's zine) is its plan to push it's Wedding Category. I think it's terrific news! Not only can you find the most unique and customized ring pillows, wedding rings, invitations, jewelry, bridal party gifts, card box and even wedding dress for your Big Day, it may quite often be more affordable than anything you'll find in the commercial arena. Yes, you can get both quality and affordability all in one marketplace. There are really some great stuff out there. As you all know, I DIYed most of my wedding. In retrospect, my wedding served as a guinea pig for the wedding items that soon emerged after I got married. My top items for weddings include my:

Custom Mini Scrapbooks perfect for Bridesmaids

& Custom Altered Tin Favors

Please do check out the Wedding Gift Guide! There is a plethora of great items out there! Also stay tuned for a whole category in the Storque featuring Wedding DIY including tips for planning your own.

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