Monday, March 10, 2008

Word of the Day - Busy

My husband was away this weekend watching baseball with a bunch of his buddies. Although I sorely missed him, I accomplished quite a bit in two days. First off, I dragged my good friend to a Home Show in Brooklyn that showcased 6-7 uber talented Etsy Sellers. Despite the heavy rain and cold weather, we made the trip and are so glad we did. Not only did I get to see the beautiful work in person, I also met a few great sellers too. Perhaps, one day I can be selling some of my work in person too. Hmm, that's a thought.
Oh and to show my support, I bought a shirt. If I had it my way, I would have bought from everyone but a thing called "budget" prevented me from doing so. The lovely Kim from designed this.

My friend bought a shirt as well and a gorgeous necklace from Her shop is very lovely and this is by far my favorite.

Anyway, I've been getting quite a bit of custom order inquiries lately. Not only do I have to keep my head on straight as an executive assistant by day, but I'm also multitasking between different custom orders at home now too. It's been challenging but most definitely fun.

Here's a project that I just finished. A client of mine is a photographer. He wanted me to customize a altered tin favor for him to give out to his own clients as his "Thank You." I thought that was very sweet of him and also a great idea too. His requirements: anything that matched Chocolate Brown. I added some sweet candy and tied it with a string and tag. Voila!

Here are the results.

Well it's Monday. Back to the daily grind and one more day until my husband comes home.

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nina kuriloff said...

i like the tins you created!

and i agree that kimm and joanne and the others in the homeshow are very talented.