Friday, March 21, 2008

Let the birds sing!

I think it all started with my wedding, no.. probably not maybe it was on a trip to Virginia last summer.. an antiquing trip to be exact - that I fell in love with birds. I got the birds from Michaels and the little plate from Handgrown Pottery. I don't know what it is but birds make me happy. I'm trying to start a collection. This is my makeup cabinet which sits in my living room on the way to the front door. I just recently bought it at Home Goods and love it where it is. I'm a get up in the morning and get going type of girl, so the less hassle the better. One day, I'll have a whole room devoted to my clothes and accessories, but until then, this little spot in my living room will do. Oh and if you're wondering what's inside the Tea bin - it's where I store all of my Essie Nail Polish.

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