Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Bit of Glam..

Right before I left for my Anniversary trip to Costa Rica, one of my good friends called me for a favor. She needed 20 bridal invites and she needed it quick. She found an image of the invites she wanted and would have ordered through them but they did not have the colors she wanted. In less than two weeks, we emailed each other back and forth and met up at Paper Presentation to choose the perfect colors and ribbons.

After a few hours, we finally made our selections and I hurried on home to make them. When I accepted this challenge, I thought it would be a piece of cake. I spent more hours than I thought I would just creating a mock up. I overestimated how much time I'd need to trace, cut, and then erase the pencil parks on these little gems. Not only that, I was quite busy at work, stressed out, and also had a full on bridal custom order in the works. To make matters worse, I didn't buy enough materials, made mistakes and had to return to the store twice! I knew I was overworked! I knew I took on more than I could handle. I felt so bad though. I felt that I didn't give this project 110% of my time and efforts as I normally would with every other project I've taken up. Luckily, she was and still is a great friend and very understanding; but I've learned my lesson. It's wise to slow down, take my time and not rush! I also need to learn not to say "Yes" to everything that comes my way.

Another true labour of love. ... I think it turned out well despite the fact that these glamorous shoes are totally not my style; but it's more fun that way.

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